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  • Soda Versus Our Teeth
    HAVE YOU EVER HEARD of “Mountain Dew Mouth”? It’s what happens to our teeth when we drink too much soda. The term comes from rural Appalachia, where that particular drink has long been the carbonated beverage of choice and tooth decay is alarmingly common. But this doesn’t just happen in Appalachia, and Mountain Dew isn’t the only drink that contributes to tooth decay. Read more
  • Baby Teeth Folklore Around The World
    WE’VE ALL HEARD OF the Tooth Fairy, even if the details are a little different from one family to the next. But did you know that the Tooth Fairy is only common in certain countries? Across the world, there are many different ways families celebrate a child losing a tooth! Read more
  • Don’t Let Those Insurance Benefits Expire!
    2017 IS ALMOST OVER, and that means it’s time to talk about dental insurance. Most dental plans don’t let the benefits roll over into the next year if they go unused. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of all your benefits, then now is the time to do so! Read more
  • Get a Dream Smile with Invisalign
    Did you know that tooth shifting is not just a problem for young adults? Teeth can shift at any time in your life. Maybe that once perfect smile is no more. Maybe you have always yearned for straight teeth, but braces were not affordable. Guess what? There are ways for adults to have braces that are both affordable and discreet. Read more
  • Get Beautiful Teeth with Six Month Smiles
    Having beautiful, straight teeth no longer takes years of wearing metal braces. Fortunately, those days are long gone! Now, you can have the smile you’ve been after in just half a year by following the Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment plan. Read more
  • Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants
    Losing a tooth can be a devastating and traumatic experience. Fortunately, there are options such as dental implants that can help you to regain optimal function of a normal bite and a confident smile once again! Read more
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